WELTEC BIOPOWER Signed On The EuroTier WELTEC BIOPOWER is building 500 kilowatt plant in France is the French project developer Methaneo WELTEC contract partner. The company headquartered in Paris has its own concept for Community agricultural biogas plants ". It developed, financed and built the facilities in cooperation with local partners who have detailed knowledge of regional conditions. "The biogas project Cap'ter methanisation SAS" reinforces the value chains and cycles in the perimeter of the plant site and promotes the economic strength in the region. Through the merger, Methaneo can implement this philosophy well and at the same time benefit from the experience of Lower Saxony. We have decided BIOPOWER as cooperation partner for WELTEC because they understand it to integrate our concept in their bio-gas plants", emphasises Yann Mercier, Managing Director of Methaneo. In our discussions in Paris and in Vechta, especially the performance of the technology - and Biology Department gave us convinced,"added Fabien Guitonneau, Cap'ter 'project manager and technical manager at Methaneo. Construction will start in January 2013, and already in July 2013, the plant should go and feed power into the French NET. The Edelstahlfermenter be measured 4900 cubic meters is then fed with an agricultural substrate mixture of cow dung, sheep manure, chicken manure and stripping grain. Weltec has many years of experience in France specifically with the construction of agricultural biogas plants. The plant at Saint-Varent, in the departement of Deux-Sevres, is already the sixth WELTEC project in the neighboring country. In 2009, the Lower Saxony had built their first...
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