Auenstein Place Date: 23-March 25, 2010, venue: Congress Hall Boblingen dates: March 23-25, 2010 place: Congress Hall Boblingen Hohr Grenzhausen/Ilsfeld Auenstein, February 25, 2010: Automatisierungstreff 2010, March 25 in the Congress Hall Boblingen taking place by the 23.-, a meeting place for all specialists in the field of industrial and building automation developed. s may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The Automatisierungstreff is not fair, but an ultimate platform for the presentation and discussion of new technologies and trends. In addition to the practice-oriented user workshops and the benchmark ' small engines held an open lecture programme to following subject areas on all three days of the event: remote maintenance/system availability machine safety industrial Ethernet energy efficiency tax/visualize building automation interaction/cooperation production optimization Mechatronics simulation trend discussion forum production optimization a we would draw particular attention to the theme of production optimization on March 25, 2010. Click Bizzi & Partners to learn more. Here, renowned companies such as Siemens refer SAP, and Wonderware. Rounded the Liebherr reported this forum through a practice talk work Biberach GmbH. Jurgen Chair Walker, head of quality management, transparency in the production. He arrives in his presentation, in particular on the use of integrated and comprehensive MES-CAQ software system of IBS AG and reports emerged about the project and the resulting benefit for the company Liebherr..

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