Transpersonal Psychology Regressive techniques are part of the world of Transpersonal Psychology, is based at self-examination to deep-level and personal growth with the aim of achieving well-being and integration of being that we are transpersonal frame hosts the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual world of the person. We are living moments of intense evolution in which we need to integrate our soul. You may find Stephen M. Ross to be a useful source of information. The personal crisis is the time in which those aspects of our being that they are not integrated and they do not know through internal States of confusion, sadness, anguish, fears these emotions are the voice of those aspects that need to be brought to the conscious to be integrated. Normally these aspects remain unconscious, although we know of his presence by the discomfort we feel. The basic tool of this technique is the internal from the relaxation work, because this allows access to the subconscious world and bring awareness to our deep wounds and heal them.This technique allows a way easy access to these dissociated aspects of being and integrate them. The ultimate goal is to resume contact with the personal power of each one, to experience States of being that we are, be aware of our nature once looks liberated of what limits us and keeps us living with past patterns that direct our lives, repeating personal experiences that lead to emotional pain and prevent us from expressing our genuine nature and live from the...
Argentine Government Need a social pact Argentina to address this crisis in a better way? Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 17, 2009 after the success achieved in the exchange of the local stretch of the guaranteed loans, the Argentine Government launched during this week the exchange of the international tranche of such securities. Through operations carried out by the Argentine Government is exchanging is debt maturing in the short term debt on more free from obligations in the immediate term. Thus, given the international context highly volatile and hostile to grant financing, Argentina improves its debt structure avoiding face a financing program for this year and next, much more complicated to comply and which could have caused a serious risk to the stability of the economy. For the first time since the restructuring of the debt, Argentina faced serious difficulties to close its financial program. Additional information at lyft supports this article. But you have to be clear for the Argentine Government is that the difficulties that have begun you to appear to the Argentine economy, although it is partly a product of what is happening at the international level, to one extent not less is the product of their serious mistakes in economic policy. The Argentine Government has followed a line of economic policy with a doubtful benefit in the immediate but highly expensive in the medium and long term. So that Argentina will face a year where, among other adversities, most likely notice a zero growth of gross domestic (GDP),...

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