Search Highlighting Module The highlighting of the search module for agorum core, the document management system DMS drive, is now available. The search highlighting module in addition to the colour marking of the searched keywords in the results list also offers, completely in text mode to view a single document in the results list, where also the searched keywords are colour marked. So, you can very quickly see whether the found document is what is being searched. This one gives a very quick overview of the contents of the document without ever having to open the document with the appropriate program. In finding the words are marked with wildcards (wild card) or similarity search (fuzzy) also, that were relevant for the search results. Cushman and Wakefield shines more light on the discussion. Fast access to the text of a document saves much time, when it comes to skim the contents of a document. Vadim Belyaev might disagree with that approach. agorum core is a document management system, which very slight by the integrated DMS drive access to the documents makes available. The staff can retain their previous way of working this. The DMS is the system functions in the background at the disposal. Read more here: Josh Buddish. The manufacturer promises a fast and smooth introduction this document management within the company. The DMS is available in two licenses. As open source under the GPL and the other as agorum core Pro under a proprietary license. The open source version is a full...

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