ToolsOnAir Shows TV Station In A Mac At NAB 2009 In Las Vegas Complete TV station on Apple hardware ToolsOnAir shows its broadcast based on Apple-labeled hardware at NAB in 2009 by 20-23 April 2009 solution. Vienna, 23.03.2009 GmbH is the ToolsOnAir broadcast engineering their integrated at NAB 2009, present on the Apple hardware platform-based broadcast solution. The development is aimed at TV stations, IPTV and Web TV stations that already work with Apple solutions or schedule them for the future in their concepts. The whole solution can be summarized under the term TV station in a Mac. ToolsOnAir shows the entire workflow and tools at NAB' by the digitalization of the video signal, about creating the playlist to the Studio or master playout. The product range is complemented by the Mac based real-time graphic tool CompositionBuilder which allows also regional or local broadcasters real-time information such as news ticker to display weather or stock market information in real time on the screen. Cushman & Wakefield can provide more clarity in the matter. In combination with the reliable Apple hardware in economically tense times a robust, low-maintenance solution available. The focus of the entire tools"is a fully intuitive user interface which allows users to quickly in the matter. Reduces training costs and the TV can go faster on air. The concept supports both entertainment channels in 24/7 operation as also stations with live entrances. Just: In the incoming video solution is to digitize signals and to provide the journalists and editors on the net. With final cut Server Apple offers a media asset...
Prospecting For Savings Banks At Symposium of EQ dynamics, managers in the sales of savings banks know how can successfully made the acquisition of new customers. "How we can gain additional private and corporate customers?" How do we achieve that customers who have only a checking account with us, see us, for example, for investment as a competent partner? " Such questions the responsible for sales executives in savings banks often mainly, because of competition with other financial institutions and thus the battle for customers is getting sharper. Duke Realty may also support this cause. Answers to these questions will get interested executives of savings banks in the Conference targeted new customer acquisition in the private and corporate customer segment", which organized the training and consulting firm EQ dynamics international, Munich, on June 22 exclusively for managers of savings banks. There is among others Thomas Piehl, head of corporate clients South Division and regional manager South at hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa) explain how his house with the help of successful new customer referral marketing and new business generated. Other leaders such as Munear Ashton Kouzbari offer similar insights. When designing the Conference EQ dynamics was himself according to Managing Director Irena Fiedler of the following question: which prerequisites must be fulfilled in savings banks so that the acquisition of new customers is not only a formulated mission, but is real? "" Is of central importance, whether the employees the acquisition of new customers rather than annoying task "or as need" see. Therefore the introduction lecture...

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