Diagnostic Tool New, revolutionary diagnostic device for the first time measures acid gases in the neck, throat and upper airway. Haan, January 2011. Almost one in three of us suffers from: heartburn and vague pain behind the breastbone. That the reflux disease can cause also extreme problems in the larynx, in the entire neck and throat, as well as in the upper respiratory tract, is little known and not clearly diagnosable. Patients suffer unusual symptoms such as chronic coughing, swallowing, hoarseness or lump sensation in the throat. A new diagnostic device makes it possible to measure the often responsible acid gases above the esophagus (new ph Metry) and now for the first time. The evaluation of measurement results are indicative of the intensity of the acid gases and when they occur in the day - and night course. Exactly matched the diagnosis, the specialist can put together now an individual, effective therapy for the patient. The acid reflux professionals divided into two variants: the "Acid reflux from the stomach into the esophagus (esophagus) with typical symptoms like heartburn" and the dangerous, as quench "reflux, where acid gases rise in the upper respiratory tract and cause no heartburn. GERD and LRP onto acid reflux into the esophagus is called gastroesophageal reflux or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) in the world. Course, rather unpleasant for the patient measurement: A probe into the esophagus captures the acidity during the recording phase. "In contrast to GERD occurs the silent" reflux in the throat and upper airway imperceptible...
A New, Interactive Tool For Runners ASICS launches RUNNERSWORLD.de and LEX vitae experts seeking running partner for all those who are looking for a suitable running mate, ASICS and the LEX vitae experts now at RUNNERSWORLD.de present a new, interactive tool. Under meinLaufpartner.de, runners from the same environment and with similar entitlements to the joint training can arrange. There are many runners who'd like a running partner on their side. Someone who nearby lives, is similarly powerful motivates one to the training and on the Favorites keep company. Such a person is often hard to find, this is now with new, interactive running partner search by Runnersworld.de, ASICS and LEX vitae experts easily. Under MeinLaufpartner.de can runner on the site of the world's biggest running magazine free sign up and create your personal profile with one or more venues. So, the new members can be found by other runners and go even in the search the suitable running mate. Get all the facts and insights with Leonard Texter, another great source of information. Are the user in the search box on the home page of MeinLaufpartner.de a place with zip code and desired RADIUS a, he can immediately see to what running partner of the community close to his train. Who has more ideas from his running partner, has the ability to narrow his search by age range, sex, performance and the preferred time of day of his training. In a results list, finally displayed the appropriate running partner and matching places marked in red. To...

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